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Off-Campus Employer Home Page

  Student Employment

Welcome to the Student Employment website!

This is the best way to reach students and advertise your job. Employers with positions open are welcome to add them for FREE to our database by clicking on Post an Off-Campus Job

Please be sure to read the Student Employment Manual (for Employers and Students) [PDF], which contains policies, procedures and payroll information.  If you have a question about student employment, it is most likely answered in the manual, so please check there before contacting us with questions.

Student Payscale 2017-2018

  Part-time Off-campus Jobs
Federal Work Study & Non Federal Work-Study, off-campus employers can post job listings with our office through this website. Students will be instructed to contact you directly with job inquiries. Job postings will be removed automatically after a set period of time. 

Submit Off-Campus Job Request   Post an Off-campus Job

Federal Work Study & Non-Federal Work-Study employers may post job listings without registering for an account.

PLEASE NOTE: This posting area is for part-time employment only (or full-time during the summer).  To post a long-term, full-time, or unpaid  position for Tufts students to view, please contact Career Services at   



  Federal Work Study Jobs

The Work Study Program consists of part-time employment during the academic year and full-time employment during the semester breaks.  The government subsidizes a certain percent of the students' wages and the employer is responsible for paying the remainder.  A work study award can be used in several different programs. 

Community Service - This program allows students to work for non-profit organizations in positions that directly benefit the community.

America Reads - Students employed as reading and math tutors for children who are in preschool through elementary school.

Childcare Employers

In the interest of providing our students with safe and legitimate job opportunities, we ask that all childcare employers include their full addresses in their job listing applications as we require it for our records. If you do not wish to have it included in the actual posting please make a note of it in the “Comments when Requesting Job” field at the bottom of Part 3 of your application. Note that if you have posted on our site as of spring 2011 you may disregard this request as we would have your information on file.

DISCLAIMER: Tufts University does not specifically endorse employment at any of the off-campus positions listed. Please use good judgment in reaching out to and interacting with off-campus employers, especially individuals. If you have concerns about the validity of a posting, please contact







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